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The online consulting space is growing massively. The #1 thing they all have in common is the need for sales appointments.

We have created the university for Appointment Setters. The market prefers to work with setters from AppointmentSetter.Com. To make sure we can provide the market with well-trained setters, we developed this program.

A hands-on 90 day program that sets you apart from the crowd. You don't simply join a program. You join the leading movement of Appointment Setters that increase their income after they have gone through our training.
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University Coaching

Access our in-depth training on appointment setting to book more qualified appointments that leads to sales (and commissions)


Differentiate yourself from the market by getting certified by the industry leading coaches. We see our trajectory as a university that requires high-level coaching, only from inbox experienced coaches.

Provided Placement

We help you to get placed with a business owner that is willing to pay a good % on sales. Like you, we take your income seriously. So we teach you the skills that are required to increase your pay rate.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about New Age Setter
What is the duration of the New Age Setter program?
The duration of this program is 120 days where you learn everything on how to become an appointment setter, find a high paid role and earn commissions while booking in appointments that turn into clients for businesses.
How fast can I be certified
We've had clients who got certified in 1 month. As long as you complete all our trainings & role plays, you'll have control on how fast you want to complete this program.

The faster you complete it, the more time you'll have to further develop your skills and increase your commissions with our help.
How many clients do I need as an appointment setter?
You only need one account to be able to make $5k to $10k per month if you have the skill and knowledge on how to maximize the earnings in that account. That’s what this program is all about.
What prices are business owners charging for their programs?
Anywhere between $4k to $30k.
What niches do our client work in? can you give me some examples of what they sell?
We work in the coaching and consulting space. Ex, Fitness coaching, relationship coaching, mindset coaching, marketing, sales, FB ads, leadership, dropshipping, real estate, AirBnB coaching, etc…
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